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Do You Qualify For Debt Consolidation?

  • There are salesman who run to make a sale. They bother you with emails and unwanted phone calls. This does not describe Julio Maldonado (CuraDebt Counselor). I found him by mistake, searching the internet. His knowledge of his business is unmatched in his field. He does not try to sell you anything, but is interested in your financial future.

    – Julio Maldonado, one in a million, Brian H. - Media, PA

  • I'd like to thank Curadebt and specifically their representative, Allan Smith (CuraDebt Counselor) for helping me through a very challenging and nerve wracking decision.

    – Excellent Customer Service and Empathetic..., Dorothy R. - Sussex County, NJ

  • Zach (CuraDebt Counselor) did a great job explaining everything to me. He was very pleasant and professional.

    – Zach was very helpful, Elaine R. - N. Ft Myers, FL

  • My experience so far with Gloria E. (CuraDebt Counselor) has been very professional and she is very nice and helpful. I could have never gotten to this point in my life so far without her. I am now enrolled in the program and its with the support and help of Gloria E. I would definitely recommend anyone to her.

    – My experience with Gloria E. as my counselor, Gayle K. - La Place, LA

  • I will recommend this group to everyone! They really take good care of you. Any time I had a question my e-mails were answered very quickly. My representative Yamile A. (CuraDebt Counselor) is fantastic!

    – Great experience with this group, Karen K. - La Porte, TX

  • My accounts are current, but my hours at work were recently cut. I was barely able to make the minimum payments before. Now it will be impossible. I was glad I was able to speak with My CuraDebt Counselor, and create a plan that will pay off my debt in a reasonable amount of time, instead of paying minimum payments for 20 years.

    – Incredibly relieved!, Cheri G. - Brookfield, MN

  • Curadebt saved us without a doubt! We just finished the program and much better off than where we started a few years ago! I would work with Curadebt anytime! Thanks for saving us and allowing us to breathe again.

    – Thanks CuraDebt!, Brian A. - Richmond, VA

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